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Want to Talk?

Do you have questions to ask? Would you talk to someone? You can speak to your local Catholic church. We have a linked map you can use to find your closest parish.

We would also be delighted to send you a free information pack.

Please contact the Catholic Enquiry Office:

39 Eccleston Square

email: catholicfaith@cbcew.org.uk

What is the Catholic Enquiry Office?

The CEO exists to:

Stimulate interest in Catholic life and beliefs
Promote a better understanding of the Catholic church
To response to enquirers

We do not send people to your house. Our approach completely respects your right to privacy. However, should someone want more information or to talk to someone about their faith, we are happy to do so. We run an enquirer-led service.

If your enquiry concerns a matter for which specialist advice is required, we may forward it in strict confidence, and without your email address, to one of our trusted advisors.

To find out more about the Catholic Faith, visit our website: